The Adventure of Being a Missionary

Life becomes an adventure when we trust - trust in God, His goodness, and His desire for us to have the true fullness of life.  A little over a year and a half ago, I stepped out in total trust, starting as a missionary with a new Vagabond Missions locations.  I knew no one other than our staff, and I wasn't entirely sure what God had in store for my life or this small part of Pittsburgh.  With a fervent desire to trust in God more, my adventure truly began.

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Shannon Keating
Rule of Life


Jesus was a vagabond. We seek to imitate him as vagabond missionaries.

“He emptied himself” and came into the world in poverty (Philippians 2:7.) Like Jesus we will choose and embrace our poverties in life. Our hope is the person of Jesus Christ. The grace and mercy of God are our only true riches and we desire to share those riches with the lost and forgotten. We are committed to investing our personal gifts, finances, and lives to this mission.

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Andy Lesnefsky