Incredible Results

Update from Wichita

Just a few weeks ago at Easter, Zeke and Tomas were welcome to more fully into the Catholic Church! We’ve known Zeke and Tomas for the past two years and gotten to fall in love with them. They are cousins, so it made them sharing this occasion even more special. Zeke was baptized and received first communion and confirmation, and Thomas was confirmed.

Both of these young men come from single-parent homes, and have faced many difficulties in their lives. It was beautiful to see their families gather to celebrate them at the Easter Vigil.  We met Tomas and Zeke from doing outreach at the local public high school.

Before their involvement with Vagabond Missions, neither of them were attending Church.

Now, thanks to our supporters, missionaries and volunteer leaders who have walked alongside Zeke and Tomas, they are both following the Lord into the next chapter of their lives! We are so excited for what God has in store for them! 

Why Give?

In Steubenville, we also welcomed two teens into the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil. God has been incredibly faithful. Your partnership is changing lives. Over 130 teenagers have come into the Catholic Church through Vagabond Missions in the past 13 years. Praise God!

We asked Rhett Young, Director of Missionary Outreach, to explain why he supports Vagabond Missions. Here’s our featured video of the month: