The Adventure of Being a Missionary

Life becomes an adventure when we trust - trust in God, His goodness, and His desire for us to have the true fullness of life.  A little over a year and a half ago, I stepped out in total trust, starting as a missionary with a new Vagabond Missions locations.  I knew no one other than our staff, and I wasn't entirely sure what God had in store for my life or this small part of Pittsburgh.  With a fervent desire to trust in God more, my adventure truly began.

Each day of this adventurous life is filled with opportunities for me to choose where to place my trust: in myself, or in God.  As a missionary, those opportunities sometimes are simple outreach gatherings or ping-pong tournaments.  Other times it's hanging out at basketball courts for a few hours, driving teens to school when they miss the bus, praying through the streets, or having teens over for lunch.  The adventure awaits in each chance to trust in God's plan.

Being a missionary is truly an adventure not just because I'm able to go out and experience life amidst my teens; it's an adventure because I'm able to grow in trusting God will fulfill His joyous promises for my life and theirs. 

I love being a missionary because I am constantly reminded that I am not on this journey alone. 

Christ Himself has stepped into my life and radically called me to trust in Him, and everyday I can walk with teens as they radically encounter Him.  As they trust more in God, they discover who it is He is calling them to become.  As I trust more in God, I am learning that as well. 

In Christ,

Shannon Keating

“Each one of you is so anxious to live life in its fullness. You live with great hopes, with so many fine plans for the future. But do not forget that the true fullness of life is to be found only in Christ, who died and rose again for us. Christ alone is able to fill in depth the space of the human heart. He alone gives the strength and joy living, in spite of any limit or external impediment.” (Message of the Holy Father John Paul II to the Youth of the World on the Occasion of the IV World Youth Day August 1989)

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Thank you for praying for us!

Shannon Keating