Not what I expected 😮 (but maybe what I needed)


This is not the end of the year post I was planning, but this Christmas was not at all what I had in mind.
One of my family’s dreaded enemies showed up in full force this Christmas: the stomach bug. Don’t worry, I promise not to go into details, but between Christmas Eve Mass at 4 p.m. and midnight, three of our four children had the stomach bug. 
Shortly after Santa stopped at our house, my wife and I both were sick too. Our youngest didn't exactly escape the sickness. He was just ill the day before.
Christmas was distinctively different. The kids are usually at our door begging to go downstairs around 6:30 a.m. It was around 9:30 a.m. that everyone was finally awake this Christmas. We didn’t leave the house. We watched a lot of Christmas movies and ate some toast and chicken broth.
At the end of the day, our oldest daughter said: "that was kind of fun." Obviously, she didn't mean the being sickpart. She recognized that what was most important in our Christmas celebration wasn't the presents or the food, but spending time together as a family celebrating Jesus’s birth.
Merry Christmas! It's a beautiful time to continue celebrating what God has done for us. It’s also a great time to pause and think about what is most important and who we are as we head into a new year.
At Vagabond Missions, these past few months we have made some significant strides to not only change our name but to simplify our message of what we are all about and why your participation in our mission means so much to the kids we work with every day.
You are helping to break the cycle of hopelessness. You are making an impact.
It’s a busy season for a lot of charities. You are probably inundated by emails, letters, etc. and somehow there’s a seemingly familiar tone to many of them. Everyone wants to create a sense of urgency to donate. “Give by Dec. 31, and your donation is doubled/tripled/etc.” 
There's no unique gimmick in this email to ask you to donate. Our sense of urgency at the end of the year is the same sense of urgency we have every day. There are many more kids in inner-city neighborhoods trapped in the cycle of hopelessness. 
This year we have set some ambitious goals.We are moving towards doubling our missionary presence in every community we serve and increase our reach on the ground. 
As we stop at the end of the year to consider what’s most important to us, we are grateful for your partnership in this ministry. You help make our ministry possible.
We hope as you and your family pause to reflect on this past year and look forward to 2019, you’ll join us in doubling down in helping to break the cycle of hopelessness in the inner-city. 
Will you:

  1. Continue to join us by praying daily for the kids we serve? 

  2. Consider an end of the gift or by becoming a monthly donor as you reflect on your giving at the end of the year? You can donate today at

Please know you are in our prayers and if there’s anything we can pray for you for, please let us know. 
In Christ,
Andy Lesnefsky 
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