Run with us

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We are an official charity of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Through the marathon we've raised $400,000 over the years. Will you join us and be part of the team? By joining our team you help to make the vital work we do with at risk youth possible. 


The fundraising minimums are as follows:

  • 5K - $150

  • Marathon Relay - $750 ($150 per person)

  • Half Marathon - $300

  • Full Marathon - $500 

Here's how it works - You sign up to run with us and you also get registered to run with DSG Pittsburgh Marathon. CLICK HERE! 



  • You don't pay anything upfront but authorize your credit card to to cover the difference of your fundraising minimum.  

  • o what are you waiting for?  Get registered today!

  • Register with us.  Get running.  Get fundraising.

  • For more info contact: Andy Lesnefsky at

The minimum for fundraising remain the same as last year but we are asking each runner to consider a goal of $1000 to do this there are three main points we want to stress this year are:

1.  Start early- studies show that those who start raising money 7-9 months before a marathon raise higher amounts.

2.  Ask for higher amounts.  Donations can be any amount starting at $10 but those who fundraise the most have an average donation of $100-125.  Sometimes you get what you ask for.  If people want to give less than your ask they will.

3.  Aim for 30 donors- if you want to reach a high goal this is the way to do it.

There are different strategies that work for different people here are a few ideas from past fundraisers:

  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes -Send out letters with a stamped, addressed envelope.  No excuses for your donors not to return their donations. People have a hard time throwing away the stamped envelope.  Make your letters personal or at least write a personal note on them.   

  • Facebook - Are you a regular user of Facebook?  Consider using facebook to post information about your training and why you are running, not just fundraising requests.  Perhaps ask your friends personally on facebook chat to sponsor you.

  • Email - Try to be as personal as you can- send personal emails if possible not just bulk email requests.  Think about how you would be likely to respond.

  • Ask in person - When you are with family, friends, co-workers, etc.  Tell people about what you are doing and ask for a commitment of a donation.  It's hard to say no in person.

  • Follow-up - Whether it's an email, FaceBook message, phone call, text, sometimes people just need a little reminder. Sometimes it the simple update or the second request that gets the donation.