Our Mission:

Break the cycle.

With your help, Vagabond Missions works to break the cycle of hopelessness in the inner-city. Watch John’s story to see the impact you can make.

Our Impact



Years Serving communities

We have worked in dioceses around the United States including Pittsburgh, PA, Steubenville, OH, Wichita, KS, Raleigh, NC, Brooklyn, NY, and Rochester, NY.



Thousand children Impacted

We have shared the Good News with over 3,000 teens and currently work with over 400 teens annually.



kids became catholic

We have helped over 125 unchurched kids come into the Catholic Church.


Change is happening.

Physical poverty in the inner-city has lead to spiritual poverty. We bring the Good News to neighborhoods and kids who are unchurched. Lives are being changed as missionaries and adult volunteers invest their time in teens’ lives.

We currently have five missions in four cities:

Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield and Sharpsburg), Wichita, KS, Steubenville, OH, & Greenville, NC.


Our Plan

We invite inner-city and urban teens into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, through contact work, discipleship, and solidarity with the poor.



In each of our missions we place four to five missionaries to live, love, and serve inner-city kids and neighborhoods. Our model is modeled after the Incarnation. Jesus came to the people and lived among them. A lot of their time is spent meeting kids where they are: in their schools, after school, sports games, parks, basketball courts, etc. 

Weekly programs

Each week we typically offer programs at our mission sites: “Breakout,” which is our youth group outreach night designed for unchurched kids, “Worship,” which is our bible study night, guy and girl discipleship groups, “Jesus Class,” which is our RCIA for teenagers, and after school drop-in hours.

“Urban underground” Youth Centers

The Urban Undergrounds are our youth centers in each mission site, where we hold our weekly activities. Your investment helps create a safe place for kids to eat, grow, and come after school for fellowship.


Retreats, camps, and mission trips are life-changing opportunities for kids to get out of the inner-city and have tangible experiences of faith, friendship, and hope.

PArtnering with the church

In every location we partner with the local diocese and a local church. Often these parishes are the home of our Urban Underground. We also take kids to Mass weekly and coordinate RCIA with the local parish.

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Get Involved


Invest your money

Partner with us in changing lives. You can make a one time, monthly, quarterly, or annual gift.

Invest your time

Volunteers and Missionaries make our weekly work possible. There are many ways to make a difference with your time.


“I am happy to lend my voice of support and endorsement of Vagabond Missions... I highly recommend that people support this ministry in whatever ways and to whatever degrees possible.” 

Bishop Carl Kemme / Diocese of Wichita


Come Work With Us.

Give a year of your life to serve the poor. Be a missionary. Change a life. It might just be yours.